Our primary focus is one highway rehabilitation, maintenance & construction. Also providing aggregate products.

Robinson Grinding and Profiling is a subsidiary of McGarvin-Moberly Construction. We do all the asphalt grinding and profiling throughout Wyoming.

A work unit consists of a transport truck and trailer with driver, a tanker truck and trailer with driver, a diamond grinder with operator and an inertial profiler with operator. Our crews travel to a jobsite, measure the pavement smoothness, perform corrective diamond grinding, load up and go on to the next jobsite. Job durations vary from several hours to several weeks, while job locations can be hundreds of miles apart. A typical season starts slowly in late April/early May, then builds in intensity through the summer and fall as paving projects are completed. The season typically winds down in November. Over the winter months, the core crew performs maintenance on the equipment to prepare for another season. 

Wyoming's Grinding and Profiling Specialists

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